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Professional Counselors in Chester County, PA

Jeanine  Aversa, MA, LPC, NCC

Licensed Therapist & Director

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor focused on providing individual and couples counseling services. I specialize in working with adolescents and adults in the areas of developmental/life transitions, anxiety, depression, substance abuse/addiction, PTSD, bi-polar disorder and stress management. In addition, I advise corporations on issues relating to diversity, addiction and communication as well as facilitate groups and workshops.

License No. and State: PC004812 Pennsylvania

Kristin A. Sherman, MS, LPC, NCC

Certified Youth Mental Health First Aid Responder

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor focused on providing individual therapy to children, adolescents, and adults. I have worked with individuals who are struggling with Depression, Anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Oppositional Defiant Disorder, PTSD, Grief, Aspergers, and life issues. I also provide therapy for couples and families to help those in need identify strategies to have a more fulfilling relationship within their marital/family unit.

License No. and State: PC005797 Pennsylvania

Ellen L. Schipul, LPC

Licensed Therapist

As a Licensed Professional and pastoral Counselor, I offer therapeutic support to children, individuals, couples and families who are seeking emotional healing from traumas or painful experiences (abuse, chronic illness, bereavement), understanding and meaning through difficult life and transitional events (divorce, empty nest, parental caregiver, special needs child) or balance and peace of mind, heart and spirit through the challenges of stress in a modern world (anxiety, depression, fears, spiritual conflict, relationship issues). I specialize in SandTray therapy, a powerful process that heals without words. Although SandTray is particularly useful for treating children or those who experienced abuse or trauma, it is effective for all.

License No. and State: PC006128 Pennsylvania

Kelly Hockenberry, MA

Psychotherapist/Attorney At Law

I believe that counseling is a collaborative process. The role of the therapist is to help facilitate the session dictated by the needs of the client. My theoretical orientation is a solution-focused, person-centered approach. Working together, the client is encouraged to identify what is already working for them and to uncover solutions for any existing barriers. As a family law attorney and custody mediator for over a decade, I have worked extensively with families through difficult family transitions. My goal as a counselor is to provide a comfortable and safe environment to encourage self-exploration.

Koreem R. Bell, Ed.D., LPC

Licensed Therapist

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor that focuses on providing individual therapy to children, adolescents, and adults. I have worked with individuals from diverse populations who are struggling with Depression, Anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Oppositional Defiant Disorder, PTSD, Asperger's, and life issues. I have interests in academic advising and career counseling, and am passionate about helping individuals organize their lives and reach their personal goals.

License No. and State: PC005591 Pennsylvania

Carla Schwager, MA, LPC

Licensed Therapist

I am a licensed professional counselor who wants to create a space and experience for you that is thoughtful and meaningful. I have worked mainly with the adult population as they navigate through life’s trials and tribulations. I specialize in substance use disorders/addiction and recovery as well as provide support to family and loved ones who struggle with them. Other populations that I serve are those who struggle with depression or mood disorders, those who struggle to use positive coping skills in daily life or during difficult times, marital or relationship issues, and life transitions. I am an LGBTQAI+ friendly therapist who is committed to creating a safe space for all.​

License No. and State: PC008229 Pennsylvania

Eric Owens, PhD, LPC, NCC, ACS

Licensed Therapist

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, it is my belief that each of us has boundless strength that can be called upon when we are presented with life’s many challenges. I specialize in working with individuals who are surviving traumatic events, people who engage in self-injurious behaviors, and issues related to grief and loss. I strongly believe that we all encounter moments of struggle; as a therapist it is my honor and privilege to be invited to join in the journey of overcoming those obstacles and helping others find their strengths and achieve their goals.

License No. and State: PC006549 Pennsylvania

Trichia Prince, LSW

Licensed Social Worker

I am a Licensed Social Worker in the state of PA whose primary practice is family therapy. I have been working with youth, adolescents, and their support systems for approximately 16 years, in both a residential treatment facility, as well as an in-home family therapist. My career has focused on empowering those with cognitive, emotional, and behavioral health needs, and to be a partner in the helping process. I have worked with a variety of populations including individuals and families that are surviving trauma or grief and loss, are involved with the justice or child welfare systems, or are battling addiction. I believe in promoting healthy family units, protecting individual rights, and respecting the worth of all people. I strive to provide clients with a non-judgmental, trustworthy, and safe environment, where they can achieve their personal life goals via self-exploration

License No. and State: SW131812 Pennsylvania

Melissa D. Heberlein, LSW

Licensed Social Worker

I am a Licensed Social Worker with over 10 years of experience working with people of different populations in various settings. I have an eclectic knowledge base with individuals and families who are struggling with relationships, life transitions, anxiety, depression, employment issues, those moving beyond a trauma/crisis and survivors of abuse. I work in a collaborative, mutually respectful environment using a strength based, solution-focused approach to help clients gain insight and practice new ways of thinking and behaving to reach their personal goals. It is my primary objective to provide a safe place, free of judgment, to meet the person where they are, while assisting with moving through life’s challenges.

License No. and State: SW126216 Pennsylvania

Thea Cummings, BS

Executive Administrator

I am a graduate of Bloomsburg University with a B.S. in Office Administration. I have been working as a billing specialist in the behavioral healthcare field for the past 12 years. As the office administrator at ACGCC I verify benefits available to our clients, answer any questions our clients may have regarding our practice, and prepare claims for both primary and secondary insurances. In addition, I obtain any authorization that may be needed in order for services to be covered by the insurance company and make certain that all communication between the client and the therapists is handled in a professional and confidential manner.